The Lion by Nelson Demille (Hardcover) newZoom

The Lion by Nelson Demille (Hardcover) new

The Lion by Nelson Demille (Hardcover) new
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When Asad Khalil's family was killed during the American bombing of Libya, the young man became an unwavering enemy of the global superpower. His mission of revenge brought him head to head with NYPD detective and Anti-Terrorist Task Force leader John Corey in Nelson DeMille's previous heart-pounding novel, THE LION'S GAME. All was not resolved, however, and Khalil, whose code name is "The Lion," plans to return to the U.S. and unleash his most devastatingly destructive plot yet. But if Khalil is singular in his vindictive purpose, equally so is Corey: working tirelessly with his partner Kate Mayfield, he will not rest until Khalil's violent fire is smothered.
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